Raquel Henriques: My favorite products for a healthy diet

There are a variety of highly nutritious, easy-to-find and affordable foods on the market for anyone looking to maintain a healthy diet. Balancing a daily diet plan with a workout routine is essential , whatever your goal (lose weight, gain muscle, endurance, among others).

Prozis itself, more and more, offers a range of healthy products to those who have this concern. In addition, they provide a series of essential nutrients and ideal for those who practice physical activity.

So I leave you with my basic weekly shopping list, with some extra suggestions that help to satisfy the desire to eat without losing control and abuse of the fat, always thinking about a healthy diet.

Ideal products for breakfast

Liquid egg white (Albumin)

Prozis liquid egg whiteRich in protein, the liquid egg white  – derived exclusively from albumin – is an excellent choice to feed your muscles as it contributes to muscle growth. Instead of always separating the yolk from the egg whites, you have a practical choicehere for your cooking recipes and protein shakes.

Oatmeal Pancakes with Protein

Prozis Protein PancakeThe oatmeal pancakes with protein are ideal for a sweet tooth who want to maintain a healthy diet. With 55% protein, these are a more favorable option as they provide an extra content of proteins of high biological value with each meal. It also has no sugars and is an excellent source of low-calorie fiber . My favorite is chocolate nuggets.

Lean Bread – Carob Bread

Prozis Carob BreadThe carob bread has 56% less carbohydrate than ordinary bread, 16g of protein and is rich in fiber. Made with cereal, it is an excellent choice to replace other types of nutrient-poor breads. I love this toasted bread with the peanut butter.

Products for healthy eating in main meals (lunch and dinner)

Pasta with protein

Protein paste ProzisYou can make delicious and super healthy dishes with Protein Pasta. It is ideal for anyone who is on a low carbohydrate diet , at 58% less than ordinary pasta, and is also high in protein.

For me, the ideal is to mix it with other foods high in protein , such as white meats or prawns. The penne version is wonderful, but if you like more than spaghetti is the suggestion of preparation with the sauce bolognese taste zero . Simply divine!


quinoa ProzisThe quinoa is super healthy and a great alternative if you do not cherish the brown rice. It is rich in amino acids and carbohydrates , does not contain gluten, nor fiber. You can accompany it with white meats.

Zero pudding

Zero pudding ProzisIf you think you can not have dessert once in a while, you have something here, no blame, and quite tasty. The Zero Pudding is a sweet, chocolate or vanilla, with low in fat and sugars .

Healthy snacks to eat between meals

Protein Milk

Protein milk ProzisThis milk enriched with proteins , in different flavors, is super easy to have with you in the suitcase, in the car, in the training bag, and you take anywhere. It is a great choice for breakfast or afternoon snack, as well as having a low fat, ideal for those who need to lose a few extra pounds.

Zero Shake

Zero shake ProzisI’m a fan and I point out Zero Shake as a healthy snack for a weight loss phase as it has zero sugar and much less hydrates. In addition, it is ideal for you to adopt a fit lifestyle, with high protein content, that will boost your fitness.

Diet Bars

Diet bars ProzisIf you appreciate the idea of ​​a chocolate bars snack, then you have the perfect option here: rich in protein and low calorie fiber, Diet Bars are also ideal for weight loss and healthy eating.

Protein lemonade

Protein Lemonade ProzisIt’s a new hypothesis, now that the heat is almost here. This protein-laden lemonade is filling my fridge. Love!

Healthy option to eat at night


Casein ProzisTo sleep without hunger, you always have the classic Casein , which never makes me hungry at night. If you are one of those people who wake up at dawn to rob the fridge, full of hunger, and who ends up eating nonsense, you can always make a shake with this supplement , which will leave your stomach super satiated until 8h .

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